Woman Fired From ‘Dream Job After Employers Object To Hand Tattoo’

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One woman was elated when she thought she’d bagged her dream job.


Claire Shepherd from Swansea, Wales, had been employed by shopping logistics company Dee Set after a telephone interview, and was looking forward to getting started.

That was until she received an email from the company with some guidelines, which included stating that visible tattoos would be an issue, and given the 27-year-old had a large hand tattoo, she emailed the company back.

Initially, Shepherd assumed they were old guidelines, yet was shocked to be told that the company would no longer require her services, and took to Facebook to post about the incident.


After the post went viral, Dee Set offered her the job back, but Shepherd claimed she was no longer interested, having landed work with B&M.

She claimed:

They saw my tattoo and saw it was not offensive, but I feel if I hadn’t gone viral they wouldn’t have offered me the job back. I’m glad they saw their mistake and corrected it, though, that’s a step forward.

In my opinion, tattoos do not affect your performance or ability to do a job and do not pose a health and safety risk or cause any harm. It is literally just some colour or a picture on your skin.

I was previously an assistant manager and it never posed an issue. As long as the person is capable of doing their job then I do not see how it is justifiable.


While Shepherd can claim to have come out victorious, both morally and also in terms of her employment situation, you have to wonder if Dee Set really will hire people with visible tattoos in future – or just conduct face to face interviews instead.

Either way, the case has certainly raised a few questions over how far companies have a right to discriminate against those with tattoos.

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