Woman Flashes Boobs On Motorway Causing Huge Accident


Now here’s a tale of love, romance and disaster on the roads which is truly fit for 2016.

Video has emerged online of a romantic proposition – that I can only speculate was borrowed from Mr Darcy himself – carried out by a young, bright-eyed ‘gentlemen’ pleading with a car of girls: “Show us your tits, go on”, before – just to make her feel extra special – adding: “Go on love, get your tits out, do it”.

And in typical scrub fashion, the boy was ‘leaning out of the passenger side of his best friend’s ride’ trying to holla at a car of travelling girls on the motorway.

As if overcome by emotion, the girl succumbs to the boys’ desperation and flashes her bra, sending them into a frenzy.

As the excitement levels peak, the video takes a dark turn and the cheers turn into horror as the girls’ car crashes into a car in front.

Lots of people think the video could be staged, though, taking the only thing the boys had going for them (the audacity) away.