Woman Found Maggot In Her McDonald’s Happy Meal, She Wasn’t Very Happy


A woman was left pretty horrified and disgusted during a recent trip to McDonald’s when she got a lifetime’s worth of NOPE served up to her in the form of a maggot hiding in her Happy Meal.

Unless the free toys in the meal have got a heck of a lot more realistic recently, we’re willing to bet this creepy crawly wasn’t supposed to be there.

And Anna Potterton was of the same opinion, posting a photo of the grisly find on her Facebook page as a warning to others.


She wrote:

One of the chips looked like it had a burnt spot in the middle, but when I looked closer I realised it was some sort of worm or maggot.


And, perhaps most worrying of all, Anna claims that the cashier at the restaurant on Grafton Street in Dublin told her this issue is actually pretty common at the fast food chain, allegedly saying, “Sorry about that, it happens very, very often”.

Wow… You’ll never look at a Big Mac (or those brown bits on fries) in quite the same way again!

Anna, from Churchtown, Co Westmeath, has vowed she will “never be buying food in McDonald’s again” and adding, “Anyone reading this, you probably shouldn’t either”. But what if we really fancy some Chicken McNuggets, Anna? What then?