Woman Fractures Ankle After Jumping On Frozen Lake

woman dives on iceLiveLeak

The human brain has a vast memory storage. It’s made us curious and very creative. Those are the characteristics which give us an advantage – curiosity, creativity and memory. And the brain does something very special – it invents an idea called ‘the future.’

Not my words of course, but a twist on those of scientist David Suzuki.

Why should I mention it, you (probably don’t) ask? Well, curiosity in 2018 leads to a lot of things, namely stupid and dangerous.

100 years ago, it may have lead to leaps and bounds in military equipment or medical marvels, but today, curiosity makes people wanna jump through frozen water.

Take this girl for example.

She managed to fracture her ankle after botching a running jump into a frozen lake. And it was all caught on video!

Footage shows the anonymous (it’s more than likely gonna stay that way) woman stripping to her undies before slinging her hat and running across a boardwalk towards the lake, somewhere in Russia.

The daredevil can be seen leaping in a ‘bomb’ position, holding her hands under her knees – circa Peter Kay in the old John Smiths advert – before crashing into the rock hard ice coating covering the entire lake. Who’d a thunk it?

Woman dives into frozen lakeLiveLeak

A loud KA’THUD! can be heard as the woman cracks her head and slides across the surface.

She holds out her arms in surprise as a man filming the dive bursts into hysterics, before rushing to her aid.

After coming round from the initial shock of the ice being quite hard and stubborn, she makes her way back to the boardwalk and asks for a hand.

Watch it right here:

She can subsequently be heard writhing in pain as she stumbles back to her seat.

Pictures later emerged showing her left ankle heavily bandaged, which I suppose is not for the faint hearted. .

It’s not known where exactly in Russia the incident took place or precisely when. All I know is thaaaaaaat’s gotta hurt!

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