Woman Genuinely Gives Birth To Her Own Brother


Holy cow, a 30-year-old woman has given birth to her own brother.

Not is all as it seems, though. Katherine Edwards was simply acting as a surrogate for her mum.

47-year-old Jacky underwent a hysterectomy after the traumatic pregnancy with her fifth child 12 years ago.

After becoming widowed seven years ago, she never expected herself to have another child.

But after meeting and marrying 48-year-old chemist Paul in 2013, she decided she wanted to have another baby. Fully aware that she wouldn’t be able to become pregnant herself, she looked into surrogacy.

Unfortunately, Jacky was dismissed by numerous clinics as having ‘no chance’ due to her having been through the menopause.


Her daughter Katherine was there to save the day, offering to act as surrogate herself knowing how happy it would make her mum and Paul.

After being artificially inseminated with Paul’s semen, young Caspian was born healthy in Portsmouth in May 2016.


Jacky said:

It was just the most amazing moment. Caspian was handed straight to me because Katherine didn’t want to bond with him and she wanted me to have those moments. It all fell into place.

We are totally over the moon with him. We look at him and pinch ourselves because it seemed impossible that Paul and I would ever be able to have a baby together.

We are sharing our story to show that it can happen, but sometimes not in the way you expect.

She can say that again! Jacky, an author who previously worked for the NHS, has written a book about nursing and her family life and is currently working on a new book with Katherine about their surrogate story.

I know what I’m getting for Christmas!