Woman Gets Assaulted Three Times, Uses Facebook To Find Attacker


After one woman suffered not one, but three counts of assault at the hands of the same man, she decided enough was enough.

Lyndsey Aho lives in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and works at a local diner.

The 29-year-old thought she was settling into the community, until one man grabbed her crotch after following her in the street.

'Street harassment is a human-rights violation.'Guardian

The man returned to assault and harass her a further two times in the area surrounding her apartment complex.

She suspects the man lives in the complex or in the near vicinity, and sent an email to the Daily Dot, explaining how she now feels.

man streetSlate.com

She said:

I turned around before entering the gym just as a precaution, and the kid was right behind me.

[That] terrified me, because the two times he attacked me before then, it kind of seemed opportunistic, but then it was obvious that he must actually be following/watching me.

She also said to WMCT-TV that it was a violation of her whole life, and that she feels she ‘can’t live her life’.

sketchUltimate Flash Face

She did contact the police, and said that they had been helpful after each occasion, but after becoming concerned that little progress was being made, she decided to use Ultimate Flash Face to draw her own mugshot, and post it on Facebook.

The sketch has now been shared across Facebook, with the police saying they understood why she did it.

There is obviously the concern that the sketch could well be incorrect, and the wrong person may well find themselves targeted, but Aho said there was little else she could do to try and track the man down.