Woman Gets Incredible Game Of Thrones Revenge On Cheating Ex

by : UNILAD on : 24 May 2016 12:08

Warning: some spoilers from Game of Thrones season six episode one.


Ah, the joys of relationships.

You get together, you find out your boyfriend is a cheating scum bag, you break up, and then you get revenge.

In the case of this relationship, you get the best revenge.

A presumably very angry ex-girlfriend got brutal payback in one of the most creative ways – by sending him Game of Thrones spoilers every week. No tire slashing or clothes burning here, just pure, cunning genius.


According to a now-deleted Reddit thread, 29-year-old Reddit user Khaleesiscorned rants about how his ex-girlfriend keeps sending him spoilers and asks advice on how to deal with it, the Mirror reports.

Apparently, the process involves his scorned lover unblocking him on Mondays to message him through WhatsApp, Facebook, etc with details about the latest GoT episode. And it may just be the best revenge we’ve ever heard of.

While you may feel bad for the guy, his ex definitely sounds like a smart woman.


The 29-year-old said whenever he would block her on Facebook to get away from the spoilers, she would just make a new account ‘with pictures of a hot girl so I’d add her. Then she messaged me from that.’ Payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?

He admitted in his Reddit post: “I know I didn’t treat her very well, but I just want to watch my favorite show again.”

The solution to that is probably to never cheat in the first place.


While we don’t know both sides of the story, this is definitely the most creative way to get revenge on someone – hats off to her.

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    Spurned woman gets revenge on cheating ex by sending him Game of Thrones spoilers EVERY week