Woman Gets Ridiculous Forehead Tattoo, Uses Fundraising Site To Get It Removed

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jan 2016 09:12

This is yet another example of someone taking people’s well hard earned money and taking it to correct their bad life choices…


A U.S woman has successfully crowdfunded her face tattoo removal after setting up a fundraising page online.

Tabitha West set up the page to remove the decorative ‘420’ written across her forehead, which she said she got when she was ‘young and dumb’ and it has made it impossible for her to find a job. Funny that…

Tabitha West/Facebook

Tabitha, from the small town of Mexico in New York state, said she ‘can’t stand to look at [her] face’ in the mirror and had even contemplated suicide because of it.


The page raised over $900 in just 48 hours, beating her original target of $800. It’s believed she was inspired by a friend who used if after she had a house fire and took to the page to thank everyone who donated their money and rejected the criticism.

She said:

Thank you to the people whom wished me luck and wasn’t down on me for putting this on this site. I said to myself for years I wouldn’t but I did so people that disliked my fundraiser you can kiss my ass sorry. You just hating because there are people who care about people like me..so step back please.


But several people were understandably quite pissed off with her inventive fundraising efforts and labelled her as ‘selfish’.

One woman, Dezere Kieran Stone, wrote:

This site was made for people with life threatening illnesses, disabilities, and families going through hard times. You decided to get a tattoo on your head, why should other people use their hard earned working money for you to get it removed? This is completely selfish of you to ask when people could be donating their money to actual people in need, like sick and dying children.

This isn’t the first time someone has misused the GoFundMe page. Only last week a woman in Tennessee created a fundraising page to help get back her life savings, after spunking it all on Powerball tickets. Funnily enough, it didn’t go down too well.


It’s about time people like this were banned from use fundraising sites, it’s becoming a bit of a joke now…

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