Woman Had Huge ‘Breast Like’ Tumour On Her Back For More Than A Decade


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One unnamed 46 year old woman has undergone surgery to have a tumour removed from her back after more than ten years.

The lady, from Dublin, had the breast like mass on her back and had allowed it to grow before visiting the doctors, who removed the 19cm tumour.

The growth was on the right hand side of her back, and after a biopsy, doctors were thankfully able to rule out cancer, stating that the benign tumour was made up of fat cells.

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The woman claimed that over the last decade, the tumour had increased slightly, but had grown rapidly in the last three years.

The tumour did not hurt to touch, and was firm to touch, and not tender.


Dr Tunde Abdulsalam, co-author of the BMJ report on the tumour, claimed:

It is unusual to let it grow that big. Most patients would have it removed sooner for cosmetic reasons.

From my clinical experience most lipomas are small in size. And most patients frequently leave it alone because it is relatively stable for years and does not affect bodily function.

But in some cases, it can increase in size as a person’s BMI increases.

She is now on the waiting list to have the lipoma removed.