Woman Heard Making Terrifying Threat Hours Before Las Vegas Massacre

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A couple were escorted from the Route 91 Harvest Festival for saying people at the concert were going to die.

An eyewitness has claimed that security escorted a Hispanic couple from the festival away from the revellers for disrupting the people around her with the worrying statements, reports the Star.

The woman was apparently very disruptive and was harassing people around her, telling people around her they were going to die before the attack which has killed 50 people and injured 400.


It was not made clear whether she was trying to warn people of the attack which took place just minutes after she was escorted from the crowd or whether she was antagonising the people around her – indeed there may not be a connection at all.

The eyewitness said:

Obviously she was telling us that to tell us to warn us or to tell us we were all going to die and she was part of it.

The witness left the venue about 10-15 minutes before the gunfire started, and said the woman was bothering the lady in front of her.

The woman then began saying everybody was going to die, before she was escorted away along with a male companion.

Both the man and the woman have been described as Hispanic, short, around five foot five inches. The witness said ‘they just looked like everyday people’.

The witness said:

She had been messing with the lady in front of her, telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die, so they escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people in front of her.

But none of us knew it was going to be so serious.

There have already been multiple eyewitness accounts of the event, including from poker player Dan Bilzerian, and an audience member who told ABC News he held a man in his arms as he died.

During the chaos initial reports were of 26 casualties – including two deaths.

It has since been confirmed that there are at least 50 dead and 200 injured during the attack.

The higher number is the most recent report from police and will likely change in the coming hours.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said officers have identified the attacker as Steven Paddock, a man in his 60s, who is described as a local, lone-wolf-type actor.

Lombardo said:

The suspect’s name is Stephen Paddock, with a date of birth of four, nine of 1953. As far as history and background we haven’t completed that part of the investigation.

Officers who were called to the scene said Paddock, who used a ‘fully-automatic weapon’, is dead and said they did not believe there were any more shooters involved.

Lombardo revealed ‘several’ firearms had been found in Paddock’s room.


We located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied. All’s we know is that they were rifles.

We are executing a search warrant on the room. We have officers at his residence, and we will be executing a search warrant there also shortly.

It is going to be a long and tedious investigation. We are bringing in all the resources of the FBI to assist us in this investigation, in particular to their victim witness advocates and their CSI folks to help us process the scene and ensure that we are getting all the evidence that we can possibly obtain.

For families looking to locate missing loved ones, call Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on 1-866-535-5654.

If you would like to donate blood for the injured victims of the Strip shooting visit the Labor Health & Welfare Clinic, 7135 W. Sahara.