Woman Horrifically Mutilated Dead Love Rival’s Body By Posing As Funeral Home Staff

by : UNILAD on : 02 May 2017 18:19

An American woman has been jailed for 16 years after she cut the hair, breasts, and a toe from the corpse of her love rival.


As if things couldn’t get any more harrowing – Shaynna Lauren Sims commited the act of barbarism just minutes before a funeral home viewing for Tabatha Lynch who died of natural causes.

Shaynna posed as a funeral home employee in order to gain access to the body before she began mutilating it, reports the Mirror.

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Apparently, claims that Lynch had been having a relationship with Mrs Sims former husband, Montie Smith, had ‘eaten her up’, her lawyer claimed.


After sneaking into the funeral home, witnesses claim they saw Sims putting her hand into one of the coffins. Later in the day she was arrested at the dead woman’s appartment holding a knife with hair attached to it.

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Tabatha’s sister-in-law, JulieAnn Nixon, said:

You didn’t hurt her. She went out of this world as pretty as she came into it.

Who you hurt was her mother, her brother, her kids who have been through so much, her nieces, her nephews, so many people that loved her, but you didn’t hurt her.

Sims was charged with unlawfully removing body parts from a deceased person, unauthorised dissection, disrupting a funeral, and concealing stolen property.

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    Woman who cut hair, breasts and toe off love rival's corpse at funeral home jailed for 16 years