Woman In Florida Wanted Daughter’s Homeless Boyfriend Killed


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One woman from Florida has been charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder after trying to get her daughter’s boyfriend killed.

Pamela Vanorsdale, 50, allegedly wanted Dylan Loveless dead, and did not want the homeless man dating her daughter.

She was reportedly furious after her daughter’s home became infected with lice after dating Loveless.


She tried to hire her ex son-in-law, Daniel Dionne, to carry out the murder, but Dionne approached New Smyrna Beach police, leading to Vanorsdale being arrested.

After paying her $250,00 bail, Vanorsdale is now out of jail, but will obviously face a trial at a later date.

According to reports, she planned to lure Loveless from the homeless shelter he was staying in by pretending she had work for him, with her husband providing the .25 calibre weapon used in the plot.

She has admitted to asking Dionne to kill Loveless, but claims it was all done as part of a joke.