Woman In Labour Begs Family For Caesarean Before Killing Herself


A pregnant woman has killed herself after her family reportedly refused to allow her to have a caesarean.

Video footage has emerged of the pregnant woman kneeling before her family, begging them to allow her to have the C-section.

Initial reports claimed the family refused the procedure and following this, Ma is said to have committed suicide by jumping from the 5th floor of the hospital.

People's Daily Online

However, her husband has responded stating it was in fact the hospital who refused to give her the caesarean, according to the People’s Daily Online.

Under Chinese law, family members must give their consent before medical staff perform this type of surgery.

Doctors had reportedly told Ma the fetus’ large head circumference meant a natural birth would have been too risky to her own health.

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Video footage posted online shows a woman, believed to be Ma, looking in pain and wandering around the hospital before kneeling to her family.

Yesterday, the hospital released a statement on Weibo, claiming the family had refused the C-section for Ma:

She left the room many times due to irritability and asked for a C-section however the recommendations were rejected by their families.

The maternal pain became too unbearable leading to her becoming emotional and jumping.

The hospital also showed a contract Ma and her husband had signed declaring to go ahead with a natural delivery despite knowing the risks, but confirmed an investigation was now taking place.


Ma’s husband spoke with reporters and released a statement of his own claiming doctors had denied her a C-section at the last minute:

She was in such pain that I couldn’t hold her up for much longer.

She said she needed a C-section.

People's Daily Online

According to iFeng, the doctor involved in Ma’s treatment, has now been suspended.

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues in this story, call the Samaritans on their free phone number, 116 123.