Woman In Wheelchair Loves Crowdsurfing At Metal Gig

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Jul 2018 20:53
Woman crowdsurfs in wheelchairWoman crowdsurfs in wheelchairNewsflare

A woman in a wheelchair wasn’t going to let anything stop her from having fun at a metal gig as she was raised up and passed along above the crowd. 


An incredible video taken in Mansfield, Massachusetts, last month showed a woman getting wholly into the spirit of a metal gig as she was carried over the crowd in her wheelchair.

Music fan Carrie Brum was at the Vans Warped Tour – the home of all things rock, metal and punk – on June 27 when her crowdsurfing experience was caught on camera.

Watch the video here:


In the video, Carrie was passed from hand to hand over the crowd until she made it to the front, where security guards helped her back onto the floor.

As she reached the front of the crowd, a member of the band could be heard saying ‘make some noise for this beautiful lady right here’, while the fans cheered.

Carrie was in the crowd for the American metal band Ice Nine Kills when the video was taken, and the person who recorded it explained the footage shows the metal scene is not as ‘aggressive’ as some people might think.

Just because the music involves a lot of angry-sounding screaming doesn’t necessarily mean the people who listen to it are angry screamers too.

The person behind the camera described how touching it was when Carrie was lifted and carried over the crowd.

Woman crowdsurfs in wheelchairWoman crowdsurfs in wheelchairNewsflare

They said:

The security guards, band members, and fans shared a heartfelt moment together.

Metal and its sub-genres have a bad reputation for being aggressive and loud and their fans also live up to this reputation with their aggressive dancing in mosh pits and headbanging madness.

This moment captures how truly amazing the metal scene is that we are not as angry and aggressive as others perceive.


Those who have seen the footage have been sharing it on social media, expressing their praise for the woman and the fans. The band Ice Nine Kills retweeted a video of the woman.

The caption read:

It’s moments like this on @VansWarpedTour that I love. Crowd surfing a queen to the front at the @ICENINEKILLS show. Tag her if you know her!

Another person shared the video and wrote:

So pumped for Carrie Brum that she got to crowd surf yesterday at Warped Tour. This is hardcore AF.

girl wheelchair metal gig crowdsurfer crowdsurfing warped tourgirl wheelchair metal gig crowdsurfer crowdsurfing warped tourShaezilla/Twitter

It seems like it was an awesome and memorable experience for everyone involved.

The story comes after one in which a sign language interpreter made an Eminem gig more accessible by translating the rapper’s songs into sign language.

The translator’s hands moved like lightening to keep up with Eminem’s lyrics in the song ‘Rap God’, and an impressive video of her turning the song into signs quickly stormed the internet.

Watch it here:


One impressed viewer wrote:

I still can’t get over Eminem’s sign language interpreter. She is amazing!!!

Keeping up with the rapper’s fast-paced singing must have certainly taken some skill and practise – I’m glad her efforts were recognised and shared by the online world, she deserved it.

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