Woman Loses Foot In Horrific Motorcycle Crash Caught On Film


Warning: Graphic Footage

The following footage is very graphic, and distressing, but it proves precisely why the road should be respected at all times.

A young woman riding as passenger on the back of a motorcycle is seen being thrown through the air after the driver runs a red light and slams into the side of an oncoming car.

When other riders make their way over to her the grisly reality dawns – her foot has been almost entirely severed from her leg.


Horrific, and tragically avoidable.

The man in control of the bike will have learned a harsh lesson that day, and probably doesn’t need telling, but those are the risks you create when you run red lights.

They are actually pretty fortunate that there weren’t fatal consequences – but the incident certainly doesn’t help responsible riders better the reputation of sports bike users.

Thankfully they were both wearing helmets, but beyond that the use of protection is minimal, with no leathers or boots which perhaps could have spared this woman the most severe of her injuries.

It hasn’t been confirmed precisely what happened to the woman next, but even in the best case scenario for recovery she will undoubtedly have endured a lot of pain.