Woman Makes Seriously Dark Discovery When Catfishing Her Neice

Channel 4

A worried aunt decided to ‘catfish’ her niece to keep track of her behaviour, but what she found out instead, was seriously disturbing. 

Patra Williams from Alabama, had taken in her 22-year-old niece, Marissa Williams and after being concerned at her erratic behaviour, decided to ‘catfish’ her online. It seems the concerned aunt found out a little more than she’d hoped, when she made the chilling discovery her niece was actually plotting to murder her.

Patra initially set up the fake Facebook account – Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis – to stalk her niece and to keep tabs on her activity, when Marissa turned round and asked her aunt’s fraudulent profile to kill her. Horrified, Patra called the police and Marissa was arrested for solicitation of murder, but escaped while released on probation and has been a wanted fugitive on the run ever since.

Now, Patra is speaking out about her chilling encounter on Channel 4’s My Online Nightmare. 

Channel 4

She said:

I still wrestle with the thought of being deceptive towards her. But it was a necessarily evil.

She explained how her niece began contacting her created account ‘Tre’ regularly and revealed how she hated staying with her aunt as well as suggesting they sleep together.

Patra added:

She was so angry with me.

She totally disengaged from me. After that you could feel the tension in the house.

I was just trying to be a doting aunt but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just wanted to keep my eye on her.

She admitted how Marissa had moved in with her in 2014, but their relationship had become strained and after her niece had been spending all of her time hooking up with boys on Facebook, she decided to set an account up of her own. After setting up a fake date from her ‘Tre’ account, with her niece, (confusing) she banned Marissa from leaving the house late at night, but her niece’s response was a furious one.

She wrote unknowingly to her aunt:

I feel so trapped, she won’t let me see you! F*** my auntie.
B**** don’t know s*** about me. I’m going f****** crazy. You gotta get me outta here. I hate her, I hate everyone here. I know how I can see you, come to the house and kill my aunt. Yes I want you to kill them all and the dog.

Shockingly, Marissa continued to explain to her imaginary boyfriend how he could get into her aunt’s bedroom to murder her.

She confessed:

I was really scared, I truly was. She was so callous about it and specific.

Patra realised Marissa wasn’t joking around when she revealed she had a suitcase packed and ready to go, as soon as ‘Tre’ had completed the alleged murder. Patra was then left with little choice but to call the police, which she did so with some hesitancy.

Channel 4

She continued:

I remember hitting all three of those buttons, 9-1-1. I had a lump in my throat, I don’t remember speaking cohesively. The other person on the end was trying to make sense about it, they wanted to know if it was real.

She recalled how bewildered her niece was when the police turned up to arrest her and how dumbstruck she’d been when it was revealed her auntie had been behind ‘Tre’ all along.

A pretty disturbing case.

My Online Nightmare will be shown on Wednesday 12th April on Channel 4 at 10pm.