Woman Murdered By One Night Stand After Joking About Size Of His Penis


A mother of three was murdered by a one-night stand after she joked about the size of the man’s penis, causing him to strangle her and bury her in a nearby forest.

Marina Kovalenko met the man at a cafe in Volgograd, Russia, and after the date, the unnamed 25-year-old man offered to walk her home, to which she agreed.

The man took her to a lock-up garage which he rents, where the two had sex – but things quickly took a dark turn.


According to the police report, she ‘laughed at the size of his penis’, which made him feel ‘insane and humiliated’, so ‘he strangled the woman and took the body to the forest and buried her there’.

Friends reported Kovalenko was missing, so police searched for the man she met at the cafe, who claimed they went their separate ways after their date.

However, CCTV footage didn’t corroborate his story, revealing they both went into the lock-up garage and how Kovalenko didn’t come out alive.


A spokesman from the Russian Investigative Committee said:

Under the pressure of evidence, the suspect confessed how he killed the woman and also showed where he had buried her body.

He dug her corpse into the ground on the outskirts of the village, in the forest.

The 25-year-old is reportedly not married, and has no history of a criminal record.

If he’s convicted of this crime, he could face up to 15 years in jail.


Kovalenko’s three children are now being looked after by their father.

In January, hundreds of women posted protests online against the justification of sexual violence and murder if the woman had ‘provoked’ the male aggressor.

A chilling murder was the catalyst for this social movement.


19-year-old Tatiana Strakhova was raped and murdered by her ex-partner, 19-year-old Artyom Iskhakov. He punched her before strangling and stabbing her.

After ending her life, Iskhakov proceeded to commit necrophilia twice with her corpse before dying by suicide.

Some people on social media said Tatiana had provoked Iskhakov by posted sexually suggestive images online, which resulted in the violence.


However, these women took a stand against the twisted thinking, and posted nude or semi-nude images online to prove that no amount of ‘provocation’ can justify the murder of another.

It shouldn’t need saying these women, who were victims of these terrible crimes, did absolutely nothing to merit their murders.

Our thoughts are with Marina’s family and friends during this difficult time.