Woman Police Suspected Was Dead For 42 Years Turns Up Alive

by : UNILAD on : 16 Oct 2015 11:56
Jane-DoeJane-DoeA forensic bust of the victim - Credit: Pennsylvania State Police

A woman police believed to be the victim of an unsolved murder in the ’70s has turned up alive.


Officers suspected that the body they found under a tarpaulin sheet near Jonestown, Pennsylvania in 1973 was Betsy Langjahr, but after they recently held a news conference to re-publicise the case they discovered Langjahr was actually still alive.

Pennsylvania state trooper Nathan Trate told the Washington Post:

She had no clue we thought she was dead.

She had a rough life throughout the years. She wants to keep her life private now.

At the time of the murder police thought the naked body might have been one of four runaways from a nearby youth home called Talbot Hall. They managed to eliminate three of them, but were unable to rule Langjahr out through DNA samples or government records.


The case is still open, with Trate telling the Post he’s going to keep on searching for the victims identity: “I want to stop calling her Jane Doe — that’s my goal.”

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    In 42-year-old cold case, suspected murder victim turns up alive