Woman Poos On Floor While Walking, Man Immediately Steps In It

Youtube/Drunk People Doing Things

A woman caught on CCTV appears to take a poo in a building lobby, not once breaking her stride.

The unidentified woman is shown walking into the building before casually lifting up her dress and effortlessly dropping a deuce, never once stopping to stand still.

As soon as she commits this unsanitary act, an oblivious man entering the lobby steps in the mess she left behind.

Youtube/Drunk People Doing Things

The woman picks up her pace and leaves the lobby as the poor guy is left disgusted after he realises what is stuck to the bottom of his shoe – whether he knew if it was human shit or not is unknown, but either way, he is clearly having an unlucky day.

Youtube/Drunk People Doing Things

The video was posted on the Drunk People Doing Things Youtube channel just a few days ago (although the video is known to be about two years old) and currently has over 52,000 views.

Check out the video of the incident:

Let’s just hope the man burned his shoes after this, and let’s hope the woman remembers to bring poo bags out with her next time.

Or, you know, just finds a loo instead.