Woman Pretends She’s A Bike To Get Free Travel, Fools No One

FaceThumbLive Leak/YouTube

Apparently this woman is actually a bike.

Don’t be fooled by her human-like appearance, as it is merely a clever disguise. She is a bike who has cunningly disguised herself as a human, for reasons unknown.

How do I know she’s a bike? Because she’s sat in the bike rack of a bus, and she keeps saying, “I’m a bike”, obviously.

For some reason the bus driver doesn’t believe her claims, and insists she gets off the bike rack, as she’s causing a traffic jam.

The driver who filmed the incident knows the truth, though, jokingly saying to the woman/bike: “Tell him to keep moving coz you’re a bike! Tell him. You’re a bike. Keep it moving.”


“She a bike.”