Woman Pulls Out Gun After Being Served One Less Chicken Nugget

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Three American teenagers have been arrested after a gun was pointed at fast food workers. The reason? The Jack in the Box employees had left them a chicken nugget short.

As anyone who has ever worked in retail will know, customers can be the absolute worst and the effort to keep smiling brightly through their tantrums should be recognised as an Olympic sport.

However, this story must surely take the Big Mac.

The youngsters from Puyallup, Washington rocked up to the drive-thru on Meredith Avenue South on Monday and quickly began to show some pretty bratty attitudes after having to wait for their order on what was a particularly busy afternoon. I suppose we all get a bit hangry every now and then.

However, once they received their food, their moods did not improve. The 19-year-old driver accused workers of forgetting her drink and not giving her enough chicken nuggets. She then proceeded to throw her drink through the drive-thru window at an employee after insisting that there was ‘something in it’.

So far, so Monday. But then events took a turn for the truly weird.

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Naturally, an employee closed the drive-thru window and probably willed the clock to spin forward to home time. The driver and a 14-year-old passenger then exited their car and started to punch the window whilst swearing.

When employees peeked out of the window, they were in for the shock of their lives. In what was to become one of the biggest overreactions of modern times, the irate driver was pointing a handgun straight at them.

The employees fled from the window to hide and the car full of angry customers zoomed away.

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Luckily, plucky witnesses were able to take down the vehicle registration plate which allowed the police to swiftly track the chicken-crazy criminals down.

The driver was discovered hiding out in an attic and was charged with three counts of first-degree assault.  Her 14-year-old accomplice was booked for the offences of assault, possession of Xanax and obstructing law enforcement.

The youngest girl was found to be accompanied by an 18-year-old man who tried to scarper when the police caught up to them but was instead arrested for possessing a stolen nine millimetre handgun with 14 hollow-point bullets.

This is a pretty hefty series of charges over what is essentially a happy meal sized issue.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has released the following statement over Facebook:

Heres hoping that they serve enough chicken nuggets at the police station…