Woman Puts Pepper Spray In Shower In Revenge Prank On Boyfriend

Hammy TV

The long-suffering girlfriend of a notorious YouTube prankster has finally got her own back by ‘burning his dick off’ with pepper spray.

Weeks after Hammy TV spiked his girlfriend’s underwear with the world’s hottest pepper extract, Jen has administered some spicy revenge by showering the YouTuber with pepper spray. Literally.

Jen, of vibrating panties fame, sneaked pepper spray into the shower head, supposedly unbeknown to her boyfriend, Ryan Hamilton.

Hammy TV

As ever, the camera was ready to film the whole fiasco for the so-called HamFam.

The footage captures the moment the shower water changes from pure to peppery – and Hammy’s reaction, as well as his ensuing agony.

You can witness the pain for yourself below:


Observers may particularly enjoy the moment Ryan, who puts the Hammy into ham-acting, eloquently screams “My fucking dick is on fire…God, the helmet!”

You can watch the original offending video below:

It seems dignity, originality and integrity – as well as talent – aren’t the only things you have to sacrifice to be a successful YouTube prankster in this day and age…

Your bellend has to be burnt off too.