Woman Quits Job During Shift, Boss Knocks Her Out In Outrageous Footage



Footage has emerged and is doing the rounds of a Panera Bread Cafe manager slapping a woman who reportedly quit her job in the middle of her shift.

The footage coming out of New York City, shows the man – who is twice the size of the woman – slap her not only once, but a second time in which he appears to put all his weight into.

The unruly employee unsurpisingly hits the deck after the second slap, which is when the footage cuts…


The video was sent into Gawker by an anonymous source, with the message:

He legit threw her down a flight of stairs and out the front door for really no reason, she runs around to the other entrance to retaliate and that’s where the video starts.

You might wanna say she hit him first, but really he had FULL CONTROL over her the entire time, was throwing her around.

She kept saying he really got her in the ear mostly which I know stings like a bitch. She was bleeding a little, and had cuts on her hands but she seemed ok after the adrenaline wore off.

It is currently unknown if any arrests were made at the scene, however, once official see the above footage, this surely has to be the case.

This man needs to feel the hard slap of justice.