Woman Raped With Table Leg After Dispute Over Sold Laptop


Warning, this story is dark, very dark.

An American man and his girlfriend are facing up to a 170 and 75 years, respectively, behind bars for kidnapping, torturing, and raping the partner of a man they had a dispute with.

Ronald Ford, 33, and Shavontae Green, 26, have admitted to the heinous acts claiming the woman’s boyfriend had shortchanged them when purchasing a laptop.

The Nebraska couple had gone to confront the man they sold the machine to but only found his partner.

They then abducted the 38-year-old victim, raping her multiple times, burning her with a cigarette, scalding her body with boiling water, sodomising her with a detached table leg, and dousing her genitals in bleach.

It was not until the boyfriend reported his partner missing that her horrid ordeal was brought to an end by police arresting the captors.

Sentencing will be carried out in November.

That is the definition of sadistic.