Woman Rescued After Swimming In Sea During Storm Emma

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Police are warning people not to go swimming in the sea after a woman had to be rescued in Ireland this morning.


Video footage has emerged online of a woman being rescued with a ring being thrown in the water at Sandycove Harbour in Ireland.

The man who can be seen throwing the ring into the water is Edward Thomas, whose wife spoke to Independent.ie, and said she is in no doubt that the person in the water would’ve died without the aid of people on land.

She said:


Our electricity was out so we decided to go for a drive to get some supplies and we stopped at Sandycove.

There were people there running over to the water so we got out to see what the problem was. Then we saw the woman struggling in the water.

She was fighting against the waves, so my husband and another man threw the ring over to her and she fortunately was able to grab it and they dragged her out.

She couldn’t even stand she was that exhausted, so she sat down for 10 minutes to catch her breath.

Without a doubt if the people weren’t there to throw in the ring she would’ve died. The waves were pushing her against the rocks and were dragging her under.

The woman who was rescued wasn’t the only person who had taken to the water, according to Mrs Thomas.

She said that as soon as they got her out, two men ‘togged up’ and went for a swim in the water – after witnessing the woman’s ordeal.

A police car arrived, and at the sound of the sirens, the two men quickly got out of the water.

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A Garda spokesman told Independent.ie:

We are advising people not to go swimming as there are extremely high tides.


While some people are taking the opportunity of time off work to take a dip in some seriously dangerous waters, others are being urged to get home as quickly as possible today for risk of not making it home at all.

In fact, the coming weather is going to be so bad that some train companies were urging people to try and get home by 3pm, otherwise they’ll be at risk of not being able to get home, according to the Express.


They said:

We are advising passengers to complete your journey before 3pm today. While a good service is currently running on most routes, the weather is expected to deteriorate this afternoon and we may be prevented from running services on some routes.

There have also been warnings of flooding from the Environment Agency as a result of incoming deluges of rain, alongside warnings of incoming snow which will last until around 5am.

The Telegraph reports a total of 10 deaths as a result of the snow, with the Armed Forces stepping in as emergency services struggle to cope with the weather.

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