Woman Returns Christmas Tree For Refund In January


As anyone who has ever worked in retail will know, customers have a wide range of tricks up their sleeve to annoy and ruin your day.

From leaving bags of human waste in the changing rooms to telling you to ‘smile’, I swear there is a training camp somewhere for nightmare customers to learn to become the ultimate pests.

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However, Metro have uncovered a reet-hell story is now doing the rounds which will make the most seasoned shop staff want to build themselves a baked bean tin fort and hide away forever.

On January 4 – a grim day of the year if ever there was one – a woman sauntered into a Los Angeles branch of Costco with a truly baffling request.

She wanted to return her Christmas tree in exchange for a refund because it was, erm, ‘dead’.

Oh and if you were wondering, yes, she did bring the tree with her into the store…


The whole sorry incident was observed by a mystified fellow shopper, who told the story over Facebook:

I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP….. Yesterday Jan. 4, 2018 at my local Costco.

Shame on Costco, Shame on this loser, but it’s going to start costing us all when the word gets out…..

The irked witness recalled:

Woman in line at Costco, totally nonchalant, to return her Christmas tree ‘because it is dead’ on January 4th.

I saw the whole thing go down with my own two eyes about 30 minutes ago.

If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe that someone had so little moral values or lack of conscience.


However, the customer also speculated the woman had been driven to commit this stingy act out of financial desperation:

Heartbreaking to think she may have needed that money so much, she lost all self respect and dignity for it.

I wish I hadn’t felt so offended initially, otherwise I would have tried to talk to her to find out what was going on. Makes me sad and sorry.

Unbelievably, the woman got her wish. Despite apparently being ‘shamed’ by those around her, she received a refund for her old, browning tree.

The indignant onlooker remarked:

She did get a refund – not happily though.

It was questioned, verified purchase on her account and she was shamed to a small degree… But I don’t think it fazed her because she has no conscience.

She didn’t seem to mind that I took a photo and said ‘Are you serious?!?

Many people have been outraged by the woman’s ‘brazen’ attitude, criticising her shameless shopping etiquette.

One person tweeted:

That’s just rude and insulting to businesses! I hate how people think stores are rental shops and they just rent items and get all their money back ugh!

Another said:

Things like this are making me lose faith in Americans. Seriously, why would anyone be proud to live in a country where people think this is clever or acceptable behavior?

But she is having the last laugh I guess, and you have to admire her confidence if nothing else…