Woman Rolls Van Into River After Seeing Spider In Her Lap


Picture the scene: you’re enjoying a nice scenic drive near a river when suddenly, out of nowhere, a spider jumps into your lap.

What do you do? Scream for help and hope it goes away of its own accord? Wind all of your windows down and shoo it out? Or jump out of the vehicle and watch it roll into the river, spider in tow?

Probably not the last one, right? Except that’s exactly what one woman in Georgia did recently, when a spider scared her so much she couldn’t think of any other way to deal with the situation.

Black widow spiderPixabay

As reported by NBC News, the unidentified woman was reversing her Kia van down a boat ramp to put her kayak in a river in Kingston, Georgia, on Sunday (May 19) when she looked down at her knees.

Rather than just seeing her legs staring back at her though, she saw an unwanted visitor which had made itself at home. Because there, on her lap, was a spider. A spider which she very much didn’t want in her van.

Not knowing what else to do, the woman said she jumped out of her vehicle without even thinking, forgetting to put the handbrake on as she went. Subsequently, the van rolled right into the Etowah River.

From there, the van floated downstream a few feet and became ‘totally submerged,’ Georgia State Patrol confirmed.

A spokesperson said, as per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

She stated that it floated downstream a few feet. And within seconds, it was totally submerged. A passerby in a boat attempted to locate the van, but without success.

Well, I bet that spider hadn’t planned on causing so much disruption when it set about its day that morning, but there you go.

A person who was in a boat at the time of the incident tried to find the van, but was unable to locate it. The woman’s insurance company are reportedly trying to get a dive team to locate the van before removing it, authorities said.


This spider wasn’t the only one who’s been causing chaos recently either; one creepy crawly was living inside a man’s ear before he felt a ‘crawling sensation’ and went to the hospital. Yikes.

The man, from eastern China, visited a hospital to investigate the peculiar feeling, which turned out to be a spider that had started to weave a large web covering the entire ear canal.

Luckily, the doctors at the Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University, led by Dr. Zhang Pan, were able to reach into the patient’s ear with a needle, before flushing the spider out of the ear canal with liquid.

Take a look below:

Nope. That’s enough spiders for me for one day.

If you’ll just excuse me while I go rinse my eyes out.

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