Woman Saved By Heroes On Platform After Being Dragged Along By Moving Train

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Most of us hear train announcements fairly often – on the way to work or going for a trip at the weekend, for example.

And while we might hear the announcer say something, how often do we actually listen and pay attention? For me, it has to be something out of the ordinary to make me take my headphones off and listen to the conductor. No offence to conductors out there, but mostly announcements are about routine things we’ve heard a million times before.

Then again, when you’re told to take care while stepping off the train, you definitely should heed the advice – as this video shows.

It’s not the usual drunken behaviour by the side of the tracks that you might expect. In fact, it’s just a piece of loose clothing, proving everyone should remember that things you might do everyday can literally trip you up every once in while.

Check it out:

As the video shows, a woman has a very close call after her clothing gets caught in the train door.

Luckily, the heroic actions of a railway guard and members of the public saved the woman from a potentially lethal disaster.

The incident occurred at the Kanjurmarg railway station in the city of Mumbai in western India’s Maharashtra state.

As the train slowly pulls out of the station, the woman’s sari gets caught in the open door, and as the train accelerates away, it drags her along.

Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable Raj Kamal Yadav can then be seen desperately trying to pull the woman away from the moving train.

He sprints alongside the train pulling at the woman’s arm before he trips and falls, but he does succeed in keeping her away from ending up under the carriage.

Other onlookers then rush to help pull the woman to safety after her sari is released from the train.

Thanks to the brave actions of those involved, the woman only suffered minor injuries during the ordeal, according to reports.

Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal praised constable Yadav’s courage and quick-thinking.

Posting on social media, he said:

Heroic attempt by RPF constable Raj Kamal Yadav who saved the life of a woman by pulling her from getting under the train at Kanujmarg Station near Mumbai.

I am very proud of our railway family which is working non-stop to ensure the safety and convenience of our passengers.

As well as making sure your loose clothing doesn’t get caught, it should also go without saying not to take selfies in front of a moving train.

Unfortunately, some people have learnt this the hard way. Like Shiva, who was in Hyderabad in southern India’s Telangana state, when he posed for a quick selfie.

You can guess what happened next:

Thankfully, Shiva survived, but was taken to hospital with head injuries.


So, instead of taking selfies, be vigilant on the train, like this guy, you never know what might happen.

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