Woman Sends Menacing Note To Neighbour Threatening To Eat Her ‘Delicious’ Children

Hennepin County Jail

When your neighbours are making too much noise, or generally being a hassle, the appropriate response is not to threaten them with cannibalism.

Apparently a woman from Minnesota was unaware of this unwritten social etiquette and started harassing the people who lived next door with repeated messages suggesting she wanted to eat the children.

Carrie Pernula sent an anonymous note to her neighbours that simply read “The children look delicious. May I have a taste?” after the kids in question left rubbish in her garden and, as kids generally do, made noise.

Champlin, MN Community Group/Facebook

The menacing message was then reinforced to the horrified family as they began to receive magazines addressed to ‘Your Tasty Children’.

Pernula was eventually identified and arrested but has since been released without charge whilst the Champlin city attorney reviews the case.

Champlin, MN Community Group/Facebook

The Mother has since posted the above message to the community Facebook page.

With Halloween just over one week away I’m sure there is one house trick or treaters should probably be avoiding just to be on the safe side.