Woman Sets Up Spy Cam To Catch Fiance ‘In The Act’ With Model

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

You know when you go past a car crash and you can’t help but look, this is similar, but with a chap driving his relationship off the road into a model in underwear while his fiancee watches on in horror.

Instead of crushed metal and shattered glass, this is crushed dreams and shattered trust.

A woman in Mexico set her partner up in a To Catch A Cheater video and well, caught a cheater.

Leonardo, an IT expert, went to fix seductress Kim’s computer – and one thing led to another – it’s a classic tale of faithfulness fail for the YouTube age.

Watch it all unfold below:

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Kim’s computer was on the blink because she’d been ‘watching too much porn’ and in less time than it would take to say ‘well this is a bit of cliche’ she had him in her bedroom.

Johanna set up the sting to see if her groom-to-be would be faithful before they tied the knot – she got the answer she probably didn’t want.

Leonardo arrived to fix Kim’s computer and she answers the door wearing just a towel.

After getting dressed in lingerie and a dressing gown the flirting kicks off.

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

As Leo checks out the computer -which is malfunctioning due to too many visits to NSFW sites – Kim seductively opens her gown.

Johanna’s in a van out on the street with the film crew not believing the things unfolding, despite being things she’s apparently set up to unfold.

One of the production assistants tells Johanna ‘Don’t get mad at Kim’, pointing out how she’s just doing her job.

Leo’s also doing his job – and a little bit more – as he falls into the trap.

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

Kim then offers Leonardo a glass a wine, which he accepts, despite being ‘on duty’.

Next thing you know, she’s leading him upstairs and this is when Johanna storms in.

To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

Whoever said romance was dead.