Woman Shares Footage Of Bouncer Punch That Killed Her Son


A grieving mum has shared harrowing video footage of her son receiving a fatal punch from a bouncer in a bid to raise awareness of the damage just one strike can cause.

Scott Sheard, 24, suffered brain damage and died three years after the incident outside Destination Bar in Merseyside back in 2009.

The CCTV footage shows Scott along with a group of his mates talking to a doorman at the bar in the moments before the incident.

Doorman Stuart Humphreys, 38, can be seen punching the young man in the head. Scott goes limp and falls to the ground in the clip, before Stuart squares up to the other men in the group.

The clip then shows the group backing off from Humphreys and rushing to check up on Scott as he lies motionless on the floor.

Scott suffered brain damage from the impact and died as a result of his injuries three years later, at the age of just 26.

Humphreys was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison in 2015. He has since been released.

He initially claimed he had slapped the young man because he was worried about his safety.

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Scott’s mother Fenella Hill told the Liverpool Echo:

I want people to watch the CCTV to highlight what a single punch can do.

I hope even though [Humphreys is] a free man, the knowledge that he took a young man’s life will be with him forever.

But it can never compare to the pain and suffering Scott had to endure during his short life after the brutal attack.

One punch can kill, think.