Woman Shares Shocking Images After ‘Grandfather Starved Her’

Asia Wire

A Japanese domestic abuse survivor has shared shocking photos of herself weighing just 37lbs after suffering years of domestic abuse from her grandfather.

In a series of harrowing Twitter posts, she revealed how her grandfather starved her and physically abused her when she was caught eating.

The mirror selfies, showing her looking shockingly thin with protruding hipbones and ribcage, were taken days before she was hospitalised ten years ago.

Asia Wire

The woman described living in the care of her grandfather more than ten years ago.

In the tweet, she said she was ‘forbidden to eat’ by her abusive grandparents who would ‘kick me in the belly’ or force her to spit food out when she was caught eating in secret.

The physical abuse then made her vomit and her weight went down to a shocking 2.6 stone.

Asia Wire

In her social media post, she urged those suffering from similar abuse or eating disorders not to wait, saying they should ‘ask for help before it’s too late’.

When the girl was eventually rescued, experts told her she was ‘ten minutes from death’.

Asia Wire

People on social media accused her of faking the images, so she then posted a series of other photographs taken in hospital which show bruises on her chest.

The woman on the left is her now with a friend…

Ten years later she’s now in her 20s and following her horrific ordeal, is said to be recovering – currently at a healthy weight.

The woman has not revealed whether any action has been taken against her grandfather or whether any other family members were involved.