Woman Shot By Ex Uses Dying Words To Save Baby Son’s Life


A young mother used her last words to aid investigators in finding the man who killed her and abducted her 10-month-old baby.

Amanda ‘Mandi’ Mangas named her former partner and father of her son James Ramey as the man who shot her just before she died.

The 23-year-old from Ohio was shot in the chest 24 hours after she announced she was in a new relationship on Facebook.


Ramey had reportedly threatened to kill her in the past if she ever left him.

This morning, 27-year-old Ramey faced a judge in Indiana and has been charged with aggravated murder for the shooting of Amanda after bursting into her home and opening fire.


After allegedly killing Amanda, Ramey kidnapped their son Winston and Mangas’ step mother, who the police managed to find unharmed.

Delta Police Chief Nathan Hartsock said:

Her first thought was of her 10-month-old child, which led us to believe the child was not there.

We did search the house, and she did give us the name of Mr Ramey.


Ramey was found about 150 miles away in a car and was taken to Fulton County jail.

More charges are expected to be filed and he could face the death penalty if he is found guilty.