Woman Smashed With Bottle After Pushing Man Groping Her In Club

Sophie Johansson/Facebook

A teenager has shared shocking photos after allegedly being punched and smashed in the face with a bottle by a man she pushed away for trying to grope her.

19-year-old Sophie Johansson was in Babel nightclub in Malmo, Sweden, when she claims she was groped by a mystery man who put his hands on her bottom and between her legs.

Pushing the man away to stop him from sexually harassing her, he responded violently by punching her in the face then smashing a glass bottle over her head.

Sophie Johansson/Facebook

Sophie spoke to Swedish website Aftonbladet about the night:

I felt it but it did not hurt. But I heard the sound confirming that it was a bottle.

I thought it was dripping from the bottle, but then my friend said it was running blood.

I ended up in shock. I became very ugly, unusually calm, and went for a guard.

Sophie was immediately rushed to hospital and given stitches for several cuts on her head and was required to stay overnight.

Sophie Johansson/Facebook

A police report for aggravated assault and causing actual bodily harm was filed but only days later Malmo police shelved the investigation due to a lack of evidence that would help identify the man.

Sophie did not hear the assailant talk but estimates he is about 25-years-old, 5’10” tall with a muscular figure, dark hair and a dark long-sleeved shirt.

She admitted she has mixed feelings about the incident saying:

I am happy and grateful that it did not end worse. But I’m a little upset about not finding the man.

Next time, I have to go to a guard instead, I can not do anything myself, I feel.

I would also like to urge others to be careful when they go out.

Sophie Johansson/Facebook

Nils Norling, presidential officer at Malmö Police, said they are still keen to find the man:

We hope someone saw something that saw the event. Then we will open up the preliminary investigation again.

We want nothing but to continue with this. It may not be that you can expose someone to gross abuse and go free.

I really hope someone can come up with more information. So that we can get closer to a suspected offender.

Sophie Johansson/Facebook

Babel nightclub has published a statement about the incident explaining they have handed over all available material to the police.

On Facebook they wrote:

During Sunday morning, one of our guests was beaten by an unknown man. We now need witnesses to the event in order to move forward on this matter.

We have a no tolerance policy against violence, threats and all forms of abuse. We and our staff work closely with the police to suppress and prosecute all crimes.

Through Arrangörsföreningen Swedish live, we are also actively working together with police, RSFU and prefectures to continuously educate and inform our staff.

Sophie Johansson/Facebook

We have, of course, left everything we have from the evening in cooperation with the police.

Now we and the police need all the help we can get from you, our guests.

Did you see anything, did you take pictures during the evening or do you know anything?

Contact the police directly!

We wish everyone to keep a good time and focus on helping the police in this case.

Hopefully they will be able to catch the assailant to help prevent attacks like this from happening in the future.