Woman Smashes Australian Police Officer’s Head On Ground For Being Asked To Wear A Mask

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Woman Smashes Australian Police Officer's Head On Ground For Being Asked To Wear A MaskPA/PoliceAssocVIC/Twitter

A female police officer is said to have suffered a concussion after a woman smashed her head into the concrete floor for asking her to wear a mask. 

The violent incident took place near Bayside Shopping Centre in Frankston, southeast of Melbourne, Australia, on Monday evening, August 3.


The 26-year-old officer was on patrol with another officer when they spotted the 38-year-old without a face covering, and approached her to ask her name.

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Face masks are mandatory under the Chief Health Officer’s advice in metropolitan Melbourne, so the two officers were well within their rights to query the woman, but she was not happy at being confronted and allegedly lashed out in response.

Speaking about the incident in a press conference, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton explained that ‘after a confrontation and being assaulted by that woman, those police officers went to ground and there was a scuffle’.


During the altercation, the woman is said to have ‘smashed’ the officer’s head into a concrete area on the ground ‘several times’. The other female police officer was pushed and also allegedly assaulted.

Some of the officer’s hair was ripped out and she suffered a concussion as a result of the incident, The Age reports. She was later taken to Frankston Hospital for assessment and medical treatment, and has since returned home to recover.

Patton continued:


That behaviour is just totally unacceptable. That’s someone who thinks they’re above the law. They’re not wearing a mask. They’re approached and asked the reason why not and then to react like that is just completely over the top.

Face Masks Are Breaking Facial Recognition Algorithms, Study FindsPA Images

Police Union Secretary Wayne Gatt described the incident as ‘absolutely reprehensible’, and said the alleged offender asked the officer: ‘What’s it like to have your hair in my hands?’, or ‘words to that effect’.

Gatt commented:


That officer is missing a clump of her hair just because she asked somebody for their name at the front line of our fight against this horrible pandemic.

That’s horrible conduct, it’s not human-like, to be quite honest.

The woman’s actions are just the latest example of someone lashing out after being confronted about the lack of a protective face mask, and Premier Daniel Andrews described her behaviour as ‘appalling’ and ‘shameful conduct’.

He added:


To get to the other side of this faster, please do the right thing, please make better decisions, and again, thank you so much to all of those who are.

Face Masks Are Breaking Facial Recognition Algorithms, Study FindsPA Images

Woman Handcuffed For Refusing To Wear Mask On Plane In Widely Shared Video

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The woman was arrested and taken to the police station where she was charged with nine offences, including two counts of assaulting an emergency worker and recklessly causing injury.

She was also fined $200AUD for breaching coronavirus restrictions by not wearing a face mask or covering. She was released on bail and will face court in March next year.

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