Woman Speaks Out After Having Baby ‘Ripped From Womb’ In Brutal Attack



A woman who was the victim of a brutal ‘foetal abduction’ has spoken out about her horrifying experience.

At seven months ­pregnant Michelle Wilkins was viciously attacked and her unborn baby ripped from her unconscious body with two kitchen knives, reports The Mirror.

Dynel Lane lured Michelle to her home, by advertising second-hand maternity clothes online – she then strangled Michelle and ‘cut her from hip to hip’ before tearing out the foetus.

Tragically Michelle’s baby – named Aurora – didn’t survive the brutal violence, but Michelle did – and sixteen months after the attack she has given her first newspaper interview.

Michelle said Lane seemed normal when they met but things took a gruesome turn:

She grabbed me by the sweater. I was yelling ‘what are you doing?’ She started saying I had attacked her.

She pushed me into one of the nearby bedrooms. She wrestled me on to the bed, got on top of me and tried to start smothering me with a pillow.

Lane then grabbed a lava lamp and smashed it over Michelle’s head, stabbing the broken lamp into her neck and trying to throttle her.

Michelle said:

I remember thinking: “I have to survive for Aurora,” but then everything went black and the next I knew, I woke up on the floor.

I tried to stand but I couldn’t feel my legs, so I fell forwards. Then I became aware I could feel my insides through my pants – I could feel the blood seeping out.

When I felt my intestines through my stomach, I hoped that was Aurora, that it wasn’t my gut. I felt my intestines fall out of my body as I tried to get up.

Despite having lost 50 per cent of her blood, Michelle managed to call the police who arrived to find the gruesome scene before them.

Michelle was rushed to hospital where she needed resuscitation after her heart stopped but it was when she woke the next morning and was told that Aurora was dead that she became aware of the full extent of the tragedy.

Two days later, Aurora’s body was brought to Michelle with the grief-stricken mother revealing that holding, dressing her and singing to her, was the ‘hardest moment’ of her life.

Lane lied to police – saying she attacked Michelle in ­self-defence – before ripping out her unborn child with the intention of taking her to hospital, because she feared the baby would not live.


In truth, Lane had convinced her boyfriend she was pregnant herself, showing him fake ultrasound pictures and gaining weight. On the day of the attack, she told him she had given birth at home. He found the body in the bathtub and took them to the hospital.

Lane was found guilty of seven offences including attempted murder, and was handed a 100 year jail sentence.

Astonishingly, Michelle says she doesn’t hate her and has even tried to feel compassion:

There’s no answer to the question, why does somebody do this? This woman was sick. My grief has been excruciating.


Although she can, Michelle says having more children is not ‘where she’s at’ right now, but that the memory of her daughter brings her comfort.

“I feel her spirit is at peace,” she says.

What a truly horrifying experience, but unbelievable strength of character from Michelle – we wish her all the best for the future.