Woman Stabs Husband For The Most Outrageous Reason Possible


A woman has been arrested for stabbing her husband after he ignored her Candy Crush life requests. 

The Empire Herald reports, Xiomara Rivera-Santiago, Washington Heights, New York, got into an argument with her husband Marcos when he ignored her Candy Crush ‘life requests’ – extra lives that friends can gift you, which allow you to keep playing – escalating to the point where she attacked him with a knife.

A neighbour claims that she heard the couple begin arguing and Xiomara ‘screaming’.

She said: 

I was feeding my cat when I heard Xiomara yelling at her husband.I put my ear to the wall and heard her asking Marcos why he hadn’t responded to any of her life requests.

The neighbour then claims that Marcos ignored his wife until eventually saying that he thought the game was ‘stupid’ and to stop bothering him. The next thing she heard was his cries for help yelling: “That bitch stabbed me!”

At this point the neighbour called the police, who discovered Marcos – thankfully alive – slumped over in his chair with multiple stab wounds to both his arms and stomach. He was then taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

Authorities report that Rivera-Santiago was angry at her husband because he ignored her when she played Candy Crush, adding that they always used to play together but that since reaching level 500 he had become distant from her and stopped playing.

She said:

Since he didn’t want to play anymore I just needed him to send me more lives but he chose to ignore me. This is what the bastard for ignoring his wife.

Xiomara was arrested and thankfully Marcos is expected to pull through.