Woman Suing U.S Government For $10 Million Over JFK Assassination Footage

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The American government is being sued by a woman whose granddad filmed the JFK assassination in Dallas.

Gayle Nix Jackson’s granddad Orville Nix shot the film as a home movie. She’s now suing the government for $10m (£6.6m), as it hasn’t been returned.

According to the BBC Orville sold the clip to the UPI news agency for $5,000, with the agreement it’d be returned after 25 years, but it was later given to the government to be used as evidence in its investigation into President John F Kennedy’s assassination.


Ms Nix Jackson believed the National Archives and Records Administration had possession of it, but they’ve said they don’t have it.

She told the Associated Press it was ‘incomprehensible authorities could lose an important piece of historical evidence like this’, adding: “I can understand little clerical issues. I don’t understand the loss of evidence like this.”

The film is important because it was shot from the other side of the car than the other important recording of the incident, the Zapruder film.

It shows Zapruder across the street, as well as the infamous grassy knoll, where some witnesses claimed they heard shots coming from.

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Ms Nix Jackson’s lawsuit quotes the body that investigated the assassination, the Warren Commission, as saying the Nix film was “nearly as important as the Zapruder film”.

In 1999 the government purchased the Zapruder film for $16m, in a settlement with his heirs.