Woman Trapped In Subway Fridge For Eight Hours Writes ‘Help’ In Ketchup

subwayGetty/Joe Readle

One woman ended up trapped in a Subway fridge after a terrifying ordeal at work.

She ended up stuck in the fridge in the Gloucester store for eight hours, remaining there until staff came to the store the next morning to help her.

After writing a plea for help in the ketchup, Karlee Daubeney, 20, Gloucester Citizen, realised she was in deep trouble, with CCTV failing to pick up her cry for help.

After finally being freed, she took to Twitter to expose her ordeal.


Karlee added:

At first I was in a state of panic and I was looking for anything that could have opened the door.

I was trying to write ‘help’ on pieces of cardboard to slide under the door. I think it was with ketchup or mayonnaise.

It got to the stage I was so cold I didn’t have the energy to bang on the door and I only had leggings and a Subway top on.

My muscles became so cold I found it really hard to walk for a few days, I had migraines and dry skin around my nose. When I went to hospital the next day I was told I was close to having hypothermia and I made myself as warm as I could when I got home.

helpGloucester Citizen

Subway will now appear at Cheltenham Magistrates Court charged with not ensuring the health and safety of an employee.