Woman Tried To Cover Up Boyfriend’s Murder With Sinister Facebook Post

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This is the unhinged online tribute a murderer wrote for her boyfriend in an attempt to cover-up her actions.


Zoe Warren posted the message to her Facebook account just hours after she, along with her friend Keiran Adey, killed Mark Shaw.

At Newcastle Crown Court, the pair were both found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment on Friday.

Durham Police

According to The Independent, Mark had suffered 86 injuries to virtually every part of his body.


He was left tied to the bed, with his jeans and underwear pulled down.

Adey had allegedly been furious with Mark for owing him five pounds. as well as a phone call Shaw had made to police over a smashed window.

Mark Shaw / Facebook

Warren was said to be angry with Shaw because he’d reportedly taken her last £10 to spend on drugs.

She took to Facebook after the murder took place in Newcastle and wrote:

Love u Ya wur my BESTFRIEND and soul partner in 1 A can’t stop me heaft from breaking a keep waitin 2 wake up frm this nightmare….

U wur ther 4 me wen no one wos U looked afta is wen a needed that xtra support U onestly made me a happier person in the short time we had 2geva.

A could spend my entite life wiv u And nothing would make me more happy ryt now then 2 come home n Cuddle ya Babe A want 2 thank u for the privellage a had 2 hav u in me life.

Al neva forget u N al foreva cherish every single second we had 2geva….i love u mark xxxxxx


Adey admitted to biting and punching Mark but accused his accomplice of providing the fatal blow with the knife.


The pair must serve at least 17 years each in prison.

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