Woman Violently Assaulted Goes To Hospital And Finds Doctor Was Her Attacker

Anna Liesowska/east2west news

This horrifying footage shows the moment a woman goes to hospital after being assaulted in a nightclub, only to find her doctor is her alleged attacker.

Filmed in a hospital by a quick thinking nurse in Neryungri, in the east of Russia, the clip shows the doctor battering the young woman in what the victim claims was a second violent confrontation.

You can watch the scary video, filmed in the treatment room, below:

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The young woman has been identified as Anastasia Dmitrieva. She alleges the man who attacked her late one night in a club also turned out to be her doctor, Vladimir Naumov.

Dmitrieva came upon her horrifying realisation when she visited a hospital the following day for treatment for injuries she sustained, as well as to register the assault allowing her to make a complaint to police over the nightclub incident.

Even worse, as Naumov starts assaulting his patient, the video shows him shouting:

Many witnesses will prove that you were the first to attack me.

Anna Liesowska/east2west news

The doctor continues to abuse his power, and threatens the 20-year-old women with ‘jail’ if she decides to take action against him, launching an attack which had to be broken up by a nurse.

The footage shows Naumov slamming his hands on the table, pointing in his patient’s face aggressively, attempting to punch Dmitrieva’s arms, as she gestures to explain herself, and finally standing up and throwing himself upon the young woman.

Apparently shocked by Naumov’s behaviour, another began to film the encounter while an older staff member tries to unsuccessfully block the lens, and thus Naumov from any repercussions for his actions.

However, Naumov has since been fired for his violent attacks by the regional health ministry, whose members rejected his explanation of events.

Anna Liesowska/east2west news

In the instance of the initial alleged assault, Naumov claims he had been defending a midwife who was attacked by a gang of women at the nightclub, saying, ‘I couldn’t stand there and watch this massacre. Any man would have tried to stop such a fight.’

He admitted to being ‘angry and full of adrenaline’ upon seeing Dmitrieva again at the hospital:

I was provoked for the sake of filming this video. I have been working here for one and a half years. During that time, I saved many people and now everything I did is ruined by this video.

Anna Liesowska/east2west news

Meanwhile, his chief of staff is being investigated for hiring a man so unsuitable to be in the medical profession.

Drinkaware recently conducted research into behaviour in nightclubs and bars in the UK, finding almost three quarters of men and women between 18 and 24 have reported seeing harassment, from unwanted sexual advances to tangible physical contact, on a night out.

You can find out more about their findings in the video below:

If you, or someone you know, has been affected by sexual harassment or any sort of sexual harm, help and support is available. Victim Support is an independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime.

They offer free, confidential help to anyone affected by sexual harassment. Call 0808 1689 111 or go to www.victimsupport.org.uk for advice.