Woman Went On Tinder Date, Ended Up Donating A Kidney, Saving A Life


For many people the best case scenario from a Tinder date is that the person they are meeting turns out not to be married, but one pair’s foray on the dating app led to someone receiving a vital kidney transplant.

Rich O’Dea and Jen Thomas both swiped right and ended up hitting the town. Over the course of the date the pair began chatting about Rich’s charity endeavours, running marathons in the name of kidney research motivated by his friend Erika Bragan who needed a transplant as a result of polycystic kidney disease.

It turned out that the story struck a real chord with Jen, and following the meet she had Rich put her in touch with Erika.

Jen then discovered she belonged to the same blood group as Erika and amazingly offered her the kidney she needed.

The operations were carried out successfully and both Erika and Jen are believed to be recovering well.

Sadly Rich and Jen’s experience has not blossomed into anything more than a good friendship.

Well it may not have had the ending a Hollywood romcom would yearn for, but as far as reality goes it was perfect.

Erika’s husband Scott described Jen to Fusion:

She’s just an amazing, selfless person.”

She most certainly is.