Woman Who ‘Cured’ Cancer With Cannabis Oil Says She’ll Keep Using It Illegally

ITV/This Morning

A woman who uses cannabis oil to help cure her cancer has stated that she will continue to use the illegal substance.

During her appearance on This Morning Joy Smith, from Coventry, told hosts, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, how the banned substance saved her life.

Smith was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2016, the following year she was told she also had stomach and bowel cancer and was given only six weeks to live. She was on death’s door when she began taking the cannabis oil, via tablets.

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She took the tablets along with her chemotherapy treatment as she began to tick off things off from her bucket list. However, two years after her first diagnosis she’s still here and in good health, which she puts partly down to the cannabis tablets she’s been taking.

Speaking on This Morning Joy said:

It’s the THC which eats the cancer. I don’t know why they won’t legalise it when it’s fine in other countries. People are worse when they’re drunk.

I was giggly; I wasn’t aggressive. When you have a drink people get aggressive and fight. This has never made me aggressive. Just tired and giggly.

Joy Smith/Facebook

According to The Mirror, she began taking cannabis oil after friends did some research for her and explained that it contained a nutritional supplement cannabidiol which would be beneficial for her treatment.

Joy showed Phil and Holly the 5ml syringes which contained the cannabis oil, revealing that she pays £250 for her supply which lasts her five to six months

Responding to Research Consultant Matthew Atha’s reaction to her ‘astounding results’, Joy says:

I think they’re amazed. I know they’re not allowed to discuss the oil. There are a few doctors there that agree with the oil but off the record.

Joy Smith/Facebook

While Atha concedes there is evidence that cannabis does have the ability to cure cancer he counteracts this by claiming we don’t know all the facts and that there needs to clinical trials to prove it’s effectiveness.

He says:

If you’ve got a mind for conspiracy theories then people accuse big brother of begin opposed as it eats into profits.

It causes the cancer cells to commit suicide. It also prevents or reduces the level of blood supply to tumours so it shrivels.

Can I just say it doesn’t work for all cancers and all individuals. It will have different effects and different people have different susceptibilities.


While cannabis has been legalised in many countries on both a medicinal and a recreational level, including select states in the US, the UK has remained adamant that it remains an illegal substance – despite several studies pointing to its benefits.

The irony of this story is the recent revelation the UK is now the biggest supplier of ‘legal cannabis’ in the world. A new report published by the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board shows the UK produced an estimated 95 tonnes of legal cannabis in 2016, more than double the amount from the previous year.