Woman Who Fell Into Boiling Geyser While Taking Selfie Dies

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One tourist has tragically lost her life in hospital after a horrific accident while taking a selfie.

Fran├žoise Guillaume, 68, fell into an El Tatio geyser in the Antofagasta region of Chile last Friday, when distracted taking the picture, and suffered 85% burns to her body.

Despite being pulled out by her husband and taken to a specialist burns hospital, she later lost her battle for survival.

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While the incident is thought to be a tragic accident, El Tatio been closed for five days while an investigation takes place.

Fran├žoise’s family are understandably devastated, with her daughter claiming it was the sun, and not her mother trying to take a picture that caused the fall.

There are over 80 geysers in El Tatio, with warnings displayed telling visitors to beware, as the ground around them is not necessarily stable.