Woman Who Started To Drive Over Insulate Britain Protesters Speaks Out

by : Hannah Smith on : 20 Oct 2021 07:38
Woman Who Started To Drive Over Insulate Britain Protesters Speaks Out@InsulateLove/Twitter/@shelz_soul_food/Instagram

A woman who drove her car into a group of Insulate Britain protesters has spoken out after footage emerged of the incident online. 

Sherrilyn Speid, a 34-year-old mental health specialist, was filmed slowly driving her Range Rover into a group of the environmental protesters in Purfleet, Essex last week after arguing with them about whether they would let her through to take her son to school.


In the footage, Speid could be heard yelling ‘let me take my child to school’ while other commuters shouted abuse at the campaigners, who have been blocking busy roads in and around London on an almost daily basis for the past month.

Warning: contains strong language:


Now, she’s saying she ‘lost her temper,’ branding the activists as ‘rude’ and ‘obstructive’ and telling The Sun she believes ‘they’re going the wrong way about [campaigning.]’


In an interview with the newspaper, she recalled the incident, saying:

[A protester] said ‘We’re not moving’ and laughed and that really really p***ed me off.

In the end I said ‘Alright then, if you’re not going to move I’m going to drive at you’. So I got in my car and I went up to them. But I didn’t hit them I just nudged them slowly along the road. It was a scare tactic. I thought they would move but they didn’t.

I shouldn’t have let the anger get the better of me but they pushed me to the edge.

Speid added that she was ‘standing up’ for other single mums who had to work and look after their kids, saying that she hadn’t wanted her 11-year old son to miss any more school after the pandemic, and had ‘people in distress’ relying on her in her own job.

Sherrilyn Speid (@shelz_soul_food/Instagram)@shelz_soul_food/Instagram

‘People might see me as a maniac right now but I do a lot for my community,’ she said.

Following the incident, Speid took to social media to repost coverage involving her actions, telling her followers ‘I never run them over, I gave them a nudge, So dramatic man,’ and joking ‘someone said Rage Rover.’

The incident is one example of an increasingly violent reaction by drivers towards the Insulate Britain protesters, with several clips showing the activists being forcibly dragged from the road by onlookers.

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