Woman Who Went Viral Searching For Pet Parrot Chanel Has Lost It Again

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Woman Who Went Viral Searching For Pet Parrot Chanel Has Lost It Againsandrahannah80/TikTok

She was one of the most iconic breakout stars of 2020, giving us all a fright with her sudden vanishing acts. Now she’s up to her old tricks all over again.

Yes, Chanel the parrot – who first flew towards the river in the early days of the first lockdown – has once again taken to the skies. And her human mum Sandra needs your help.


Many of us can immediately recall Sandra’s unmistakable call for her beloved pet bird, who became spooked by a noise and flew off into the skies and internet stardom.

Check it out below:


Taking to TikTok, a weeping Sandra asked her fans for help in relocating her famed African grey parrot, insisting, ‘It’s not a joke.’


Continuing through her tears of anguish, Sandra explained:

Chanel flew off again. Please, I don’t know what to do but if anyone sees her, you know what she’s like.


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Many people in the comments section were suspicious about the disappearance, as bird sounds could be heard audibly in the background. However, Sandra clarified that her plea was indeed all too real, with Chanel once again being nowhere to be seen.

Those who’ve seen Chanel – whose full name is Chanel Chanellington – have been asked to contact Sandra directly. We know of course that Sandra and Chanel reside in Liverpool, so those around the area should keep an eye out.


Last time, Sandra and Chanel were thankfully reunited after Sandra’s video went viral, with Sandra’s cry of ‘Chaneeelll!’ launching her to viral legend status.

Sandra thanked all those who helped with the search in a follow-up vid, telling them, ‘If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have found her.’

All fingers and talons crossed, we will see another happy ending this time around. Come on everyone, let’s raise the alarm. CHANEEEELLLLL!!!


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