Woman With 32S Breasts Says She Now Wants A Bum To Match

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Apparently, having the ‘biggest boobs in Europe’ isn’t enough for one woman.


A cosmetically-enhanced blonde has asked for help form TV doctors to give her a bum to match.

Martina Big, (yes that’s her real name), whose current breast size is a whopping 32S, revealed that she has to ‘pump up’ her boobs so they reach their full size.

Botched / E!

The 28-year-old, who was appearing on the reality show Botched, said:


I have the biggest boobs in Europe but I need my butt to match my boobs.

Martina’s chest currently contains 3700cc – nearly seven pints – in each breast, with a combined weight of 18lbs!

That’s just 10lbs off weighing two stone – the equivalent of having a toddler strapped to you 24/7.

Botched / E!

German-native Martina said that at the age of 11, she started thinking about how she should look like the typical Barbie doll:

I love Barbie because of her long wavy blonde hair, nice curves, full lips, small waist and her long legs – but her boobs are a little bit too boring.

She also revealed that she had to quit her job as a flight attendant because breast surgery is only allowed if it is small.

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In 2012, Martina had a nose job as well as porcelain veneers on her teeth before embarking on breast augmentation.

Her implants started at a modest 32D, but quickly changed and now Martina takes care of them herself in a bizarre way:

There is a tube and a water balloon inside and I have pumped up my boobs 18 times with saline, but because I had liposuction to get long legs my butt is a little bit too flat.

So now I need really huge butt implants that I can control my size to grow bigger and bigger.

As my name says I’m ‘Big’ – but not big enough.

Botched / E!

Martina said she regretted her liposuction calling it a ‘really bad idea’ because her dream is to get ‘biger and bigger’.

The doctors on Botched – despite their extensive experience within the field of cosmetic surgery – were just as shocked with the size of Martina’s breasts, warning her that her pumps could be dangerous.

Dr Paul Nassif said:

Those breasts are ginormous. How could she even walk without toppling over?

With Dr Dubrow adding:

Tissue expanders are safe in the short term but not in the long term.

If you keep using them you expose yourself to the risk of losing both breasts.

Botched / E!

During the consultation about her bottom, both doctors suggested she put implants in her tights before being asked to sit down.

As soon as Martina sat on the chair – with implants that were half the size she actually wanted – one of them burst, making her think twice about the surgery:

I think you’re right, the fantasy is not real.

Now I am more realistic and I still want a bigger butt, but not that extreme.

Botched / E!

On the show, Martina’s boyfriend Martin can be seen stuffing water balloons down her leggings in an attempt for them to see how she would look.

He says to Martina:

This is a really extreme curvy look – I like it.

Botched / E!

Martina recently shocked viewers again when she appeared on ITV’s This Morning.

She revealed to Phil and Holly that she uses tan injections in a bid to make her skin ‘dark crispy brown.’

This Morning/ITV

Whatever floats your boat I suppose?

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