Woman With Cystic Fibrosis Explains What It Feels Like To Be In A Medically Induced Coma


Have you ever wondered what the experience of being in a coma is actually like?

Well, 18-year-old Claire Wineland is one of the few people who has actually had the experience of being in a coma and coming out of it again safely.

Claire suffers from cystic fibrosis and, tragically, has less than two years to live. She was placed in the medically induced coma after there were complications during surgery.

In a new video, Claire discusses the vivid dreams she experienced during her time in the prolonged state of unconsciousness and what she learned from that time.

She also confirms that, yes, coma patients can hear and are aware of what’s going on around them in the real world.

However, those experiences were filtered through the drugs she was on and created vivid, entirely different moments and memories in her consciousness.

Although every person’s coma experience is different, this video does give a fascinating insight into something which we still know relatively little about.

Claire is currently working to raise $150,000 (£95,000) to complete a documentary about her life that will help others who are also young and dying. You can support ‘The Clairity Project’ by donating here.