Woman With No Legs Has Most Genius Tinder Profile Ever

by : UNILAD on : 02 Nov 2017 16:44

Warning: Contains Graphic Content


This woman might be the best example of overcoming adversity we’ve seen this year.

In 2014, Mandy Horvath lost both her legs in an unspeakable attack.

The victim of a spiked drink, her unconscious body was then moved onto a railway track where she was eventually run over.

When medical officials brought Horvath to hospital, they assumed she had attempted to kill herself.


But when she came around, she informed doctors that she’d been the victim of a ‘date-rape’ drug. Unfortunately, it was too late to chemically test her body for any inconspicuous drugs.

Today, three years after the horrific incident, Horvath stands proudly, living life with an incredible sense of dark humour.

Her Instagram, @lifeproofbionicwoman, is just about one the best you’ll ever see.

Almost better than that, however, is her Tinder profile.

In it she describes herself as a ‘stand up comedian’ and jokes ‘I don’t have legs but don’t worry – I’m taking it in stride. Just roll with it okay? My life was a train wreck (literally hit by a f*cking train)’.

As for the pros of dating her, she writes:


I’ll never run away from you. Front row parking. Technically I can still doggy paddle, I even have sexy land roving bionic legs.

Expanding on some #naughty Tinder banter, Horvath adds:

I have similar functionalities to a vacuum, easily portable – I come on wheels and I suck.

It’s not comfortable for my feet to be above my head.

When it comes to her physical appearance, she rates herself on Tinder as:

Face: 10/10

Body: 8/10

Legs: 0.5/2

MailOnline reported her reservations about going back into the dating game, she said:

When I tried to date after I lost my legs I would always get guys asking me ‘how does sex work for you?’, and it completely put me off dating.

I was completely alienated from any sort of romantic opportunity due to my own lack of insight.

But now that I’ve broken the ice and sexualised my disability with my humour, I am acknowledged as an individual rather than someone bound to a wheelchair.


Lauren Duck, who went viral in a similar way after joking about losing her right arm in a moped accident recently, won over social media for her Halloween costume.

She employed some makeup to make it look as if her arm had been freshly ripped off, captioning the post: ‘Nothing to see.’

Within hours it received 13k likes.

Lauren told UNILAD:

I bought like this $4 effects make up kit and some gauze and just threw it on last night.

I walked through my living room last night with it on and my roommate had a friend over and they both almost had a heart attack.

People seem to be a fan of the Halloween costume.

This is the first year I’ve done anything cool since losing an arm.

I guess it was practice i was just trying it out. I’m going to do it on Halloween but I’m going to use better makeup.

Is it too late for Selena Gomez to give her Woman of the Year award to these two?

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    'I'll never run away from you!': Student whose legs were sliced off by a train after her drink was spiked pokes fun at her disability in a darkly comic Tinder profile - and it's led to dozens of dates