Woman’s Anti-Millennial Rant Goes Mega Viral, Gets People Talking

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A Texas woman’s anti-millennial rant has gone massively viral after she posted it to Facebook.

Broadcast journalist Alexis Bloomer claims she was prompted to make the video – which has been shared over 40 million times – after witnessing Facebook friends bashing the current generation, as well as seeing a young man fail to hold a door open for a handicapped older man.

She’s dubbed her fellow millennials ‘entitled’ and ‘lazy’ – and if you were born between 1982 and 1994, she’s talking about you.

Dear Elders,

I'm sorry.

A Millennial

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Posted by Alexis Bloomer on Friday, April 22, 2016

She claims in the video that she took it upon herself to investigate just ‘what’s so wrong with our generation and why they’re so mad at us.’

Her conclusion? “I pretty much realized: We’re just existing, we’re not really contributing anything to society.”

The 23-year-old says in the video:

We don’t respect our elders, we don’t even respect our country. We’re stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer. … Everything that used to be frowned upon is now celebrated. Nothing has value in our generation because we take advantage of everything.


While some of her declarations may be correct, many people are pointing out that she is making blanket statements about how millennials don’t have manners anymore.

A critic on her Facebook post wrote:

This is much less a knock on millennials than it is a knock on anybody who doesn’t fall in line with your southern-conservative views under the guise of an apology to our elders.

And many others have the same view:


Calling the music of choice of millennials ‘obscene’, which ‘degrades women and pretty much glorifies drugs and crime,’ Bloomer added that the young generation have no respect.

Critics to her video have said that while the music of our generation is not equivalent to a Barney singalong, it’s hard to deny the music of the 60’s and 70’s was spotless, either. After all, it was deemed the time of ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.’

But some people disagree with the criticism. And there are plenty of people backing her statements:

Bloomer closes her arguments by apologizing to our elders for having to put up with the ‘entitled’ Y Generation, and urges her fellow youths ‘to break that stereotype and prove that my parents raised me better’.

Our conclusion? For every upstanding and principled millennial there is always going to be one entitled brat who probably deserves the stereotype Bloomer is speaking about. But we’re not all privileged and lazy – and most of us are better than that.